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Miffy is a cute little female rabbit created by Dutch artist, Dick Bruna. Miffy was created in 1955, when Bruna was on a seaside holiday in the Netherlands, entertaining his son by sketching a rabbit which kept hopping around in the garden of the house they were staying in. This rabbit continued to make an appearance in the bedtime stories Bruna read to his son, and soon became the Miffy we know and love today!

The children's books have been translated into 50 different languages and have sold over 85 million copies over the world. The stories have had a massive come back this year, with British children's poet and writer, Tony Mitton, refreshing the verses of the books to make them relatable to children of today. The series has been named 'Thoroughly Modern Miffy' and the books are being released throughout the year.

We have recently launched a licensed range of Miffy Merchandise. The bright colours and simple line drawings speak for themselves. We have various gift products available in this range, including Miffy prints and posters, postcards, postcard packs, magnetic notepads, magnets, tote bags and tea towels. Each product is printed to the highest quality. We have a wide range of illustrations from various Miffy books available on the merchandise. Whether you're a gift shop, children's shop, home interiors shop, book shop or anything between, these products will look fabulous on your shelves and are sure to sell quickly!

We offer an extremely high level of service, and you will get free UK delivery when you spend over £250. We also offer a range of merchandising solutions, and even have a bespoke Miffy FSDU and CDU, just ask us about them when you order!

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