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October 28th, 2014

You should be finding our website even easier to use then every before!


We have made a few changes to our website to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, as we know we have lots and lots of wholesale gifts to search through which can often be very time consuming.


You can now down your search by searching through a particular ‘collection‘ (see below). This enables you to search through any of our licenses or own designed collections.


new menu 1 star editions


You will also see a section to search by ‘Product Type’ (see below). This enables you to search by any of our wholesale products. This is likely to come in very useful, as not every product is available in every collection. You may just be looking for mugs, so by using this tool you are now able to search for the product you are interested in (and to narrow it down even further, search the collection you are interested in at the same time).


new menu 2 star editions


You are still able to enter your own search term, however, you can search within particular collections or product types. For example, below we have searched for ‘Yorkshire’ in ‘Greetings Cards’ and have been given 86 results.


new menu 3 star editions

We hope you like these new changes, and you find the ordering process quick and easy!




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