Fraggle Rock!

April 2nd, 2014

Fraggle Rock is a Jim Henson children’s  puppet TV show. The puppets are Henson’s iconic Muppets- called Fraggles. The show started in 1983 and has a cult following around the world.

We love the colourful, lively puppets, and have got the license so we can supply you with our range of funky Fraggle Rock Merchandise!

Henson himself described the series as ‘a high-energy, raucous musical romp. It’s a lot of silliness. It’s wonderful’ and we certainly agree!

In the Fraggle Rock gift product range we have;

Greeting cards, prints, postcards, mugs, tea towels, magnets, tote bags, mouse mats, phone socks, key rings, note pads, iPad covers, giclee prints, canvases and last but not least, TShirts!

If you sell retro 80’s merchandise in your shop already then our Fraggle Rock product range is perfect for you, and if you don’t, then now’s the perfect time to give it a go!

If your a big fan of Jim Henson, then you should also check out our Labyrinth movie range by clicking here.


Quiet Please I'm Trying To Be Miserable

Quiet Please I’m Trying To Be Miserable

Dream On Tote Bag

Dream On Tote Bag

Fraggle Rock Canvas

Fraggle Rock Canvas

Fraggle Rock iPad Case

Fraggle Rock iPad Case

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You remind me of the babe…

August 30th, 2012

 labyrinth posterlabyrinth firey

New Labyrinth products!

Here at Star Editions we are very excited to tell you that our latest Labyrinth range is now available to order! The 1986 British-American fantasy film directed by Jim Henson has become a cult classic, and has become the basis of some wonderful new products created at Star Editions. With a group of amazing and memorable characters in the film, the variety we have on offer is amazing, so whether someone wants to chilly down with the fire gang, or have a nice cup of tea with the worm, then we’ve got it! We are huge fans of Labyrinth, and have ensured that our products have been designed to a great quality, and also feature I mixture of vintage and modern designs.

Great gifts for Labyrinth fans!

These products make great gifts for Labyrinth fans, and their uniqueness is sure to make them a popular choice as a gift. We can print these images on to all sorts such as greeting cards, phone socks, mugs, t shirts, tote bags, magnets, canvas, postcards, iPad covers, notepads and tea towels.
labyrinth greeting card

Interested in ordering our Labyrinth products?

If you’re interested in ordering from our amazing Labyrinth range, you can register an account here, if you’d like to find out more about the range, visit the contact page or call us on 01449 721304!

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