Artist of the Week – Richard O’Neill

January 31st, 2017
Richard O'Neill

Richard O’Neil

Richard O’Neill


At Star Editions we are lucky to work with such talented artists, such as Richard O’Neil. Richard’s art revisits a classic era of poster design, taking many elements of popular 1950’s travel art, while remaining current and vibrant.

For the first installment of our soon to be regular ‘Artist of the Week’ blog feature, we sat down with the super talented Richard O’Neill to find out exactly what makes him tick. We’ve had the pleasure to work with Richard for over a year now and see him develop into one of the world’s most prolific Contemporary Travel Artists.


Make sure you follow him on Facebook for his most up-to-date commissions and then check-out the full range available now, exclusively from Star Editions Ltd.

You can find his work on Star Editions here


How long have you been illustrating for?

Six years.


How do you work?

I hand draw my artwork on an Apple iPad using a stylus.


What’s your background?

Not artistic at all! Although some of my jobs have included elements of
design and desktop publishing. I’ve done lots of different jobs over
the years, but being an artist is definitely the most satisfying. My
dream job!


What’s integral to the work of an artist?

A love of the work, lots of patience, an eye for detail and a bit of
imagination. A supportive partner also helps!


Explain what you do in 100 words

My official description states I am “a digital artist specialising in
hand drawn contemporary landscapes.” What that means is that I draw
pictures on my iPad using a stylus. However although I work digitally, I
don’t use many of the shortcuts that technology allows. I try to work
in quite a simple way – lines are drawn and coloured by hand as I think
that it gives my work a more human touch. Sometimes the pictures I draw
are specific commissions for individuals or organisations, other times
they may be subjects that I particularly want to tackle or that have
been suggested to me.


What art do you most identify with?

I like vibrant colours, strong contrast and simple compositions.


What work do you most enjoying doing?

It depends on my mood. Sometimes I enjoy extremely detailed work, other
times something that can be finished quite quickly is more satisfying. I
do like drawing coastal scenes and cities particularly.


What themes do you pursue?

Lots! Specific locations, types of building or even times of day.


What’s your favourite art work?

Too many to list!


Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

I’m very lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world (North
Yorkshire) where there’s no shortage of inspiration for pictures.
Family trips out supply me with endless reference photos and



What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

Chef, journalist, information manager.


Why art?

I’ve always drawn and painted for myself – I think it’s just
something some people need to do. I’ve been very lucky in finding a
niche in which I can produce commercial work. It’s incredibly
satisfying to know you can create something that other people not only
like, but are willing to buy and often display in their homes. It’s
also pretty cool to go into shops and see your work on the shelves!


What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Some people say they love it, which is all I could ask for.


What do you dislike about the art world?

There is sometimes an assumption that digital work is an easy option and
requires less skill than using traditional materials. Having worked in a
few different mediums, I can assure you that is not the case!


What do you like about your work?

The opportunity to reach lots of people and the flexibility and freedom
it allows me.



What research to you do?

It depends on the project. Sometimes I’ll do a specific site visit,
sometimes I might already have something stored away that can help. The
internet is invaluable though.


What is your dream project?

Something that would reach more people than anything I’ve done thus


Name three artists you’d like to be compared to

I’m not sure I’m the best judge of that. Three artists I
particularly admire would be Jack Kirby, Alex Ross and Brian Cook. But I
certainly wouldn’t put myself in the same league as any of them.


Favourite or most inspirational place?

North Yorkshire. God’s own county!


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

I’ve never actually met anyone else who does the kind of thing I do,
so nobody’s ever really given me advice – not that I wouldn’t
welcome some! If I could offer some advice to my younger self who was
just starting down this road I’d say pick your subjects very
carefully, don’t get distracted and never ever give up!


Professionally, what’s your goal?

To hopefully improve in my work and reach a wider audience.


How did you get into creating Travel Posters?

It’s a style I’ve always liked and after a trip on a local heritage
railway having just bought a new iPad something just clicked.



Out of all of the locations you’ve illustrated, which was your
favourite and why?

There’s a picture of London I did a few years ago with London Bridge
in the foreground and the city stretching out behind. It took me months
to do at the time, although I’d probably be a bit quicker now. I do
like the level of detail in it, although I couldn’t do ones like that
all the time!



Do you have any new locations potentially coming soon?

All the time! I usually put them on my Facebook page at


Which location would you be most keen to illustrate that you haven’t
already and why?

I’d like to do some more international locations, although I have
started to tackle that a bit this year.






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Giftware Updates…

February 18th, 2015

Spring Fair


Thank you for coming over to see our stand if you got a chance earlier this month. We’re delighted with the feedback we received.

If you didn’t make it over, not to worry- we’ve rounded up the best bits of the show below



We had a beautiful display of some of our new faux suede, duck feather filled cushions from various different collections, including MoominTommy Human and Dave Thompson. We saw lots of visitors stroke them as they walked past, they are irresistibly soft!



Spring Fair 2015 also saw the launch of our coasters. We have a huge range of designs available, which is expanding all the time. Our coasters come in packs of 6 and are £1.04 each. Click here to browse through the collection.


Dave Thompson

Our new Dave Thompson collection stole all the limelight last week! The stunning contemporary travel posters grabbed lots of attention. With their contemporary colours and sleek lines, the designs are in a league of their own. What we love so much about this collection is that it is constantly growing. Dave is creating new designs all the time, for every corner of the UK. So if we don’t have an image local to you, we will soon.



Little Alfie made a big impression at Spring Fair. He is one of our latest additions, and comes from the beautifully illustrated children’s books by Shirley Hughes. Our Alfie collection spans from greeting cards and magnets to coasters and cushionsClick here to see the range on our website.



Stylish greeting cards for men can be hard to come by, which is why we are so delighted to have secured the license with Silverstone – for cards, gifts, stationery and apparel. The collection includes birthday and male relations cards, as well as art prints, and gift products. See the full range here.


Wink Design

Another newcomer is Wink Design. A selection of cute and quirky greeting cards and gift products. The greeting cards in this collection cover a whole host of occasions and ages. Have a look through all of our Wink Design products here.


New Greeting Card Site

Before we go, we just want to let you know about a brand new section on our website. We have a sparkly new greeting card microsite to make browsing through our website so much easier. It contains lots of brand new, unseen greeting card collections.


Have a look here and see what you think of the improvements.

We hope we get to catch up with you very soon. If you have any questions, please just get in touch with someone from our friendly team on 01449 721304.

Best Wishes,

Star Editions Ltd






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New Greeting Card Range

January 13th, 2015

Wink Design Header


We are so excited to introduce our fabulous new Greeting Card range by the wonderful talent at Wink Design!

We have 176 brand new designs available, covering a wide range of occasions such as BirthdaysChristenings and Anniversaries, as well as Get Well SoonMoving Home and Sympathy Cards.



Click here to see the full Wink Design collection and place your order online.


Don’t forget to take advantage of our special promotion running throughout January, where all 11×14″ Art Prints are only £1.99 – That’s a 30% saving! Click here to order now.




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Christmas Deliveries

December 11th, 2014

The last day to get your orders in for guaranteed delivery before Christmas is December 15th. 


If you you need stock delivered before the Christmas Eve rush and Boxing Day sales, make sure you place your order by next Monday.


If you need some more stocking fillers for your shop, try our Roald Dahl and Moomin gift products, they’re perfect stocking fillers and Secret Santa gifts.


Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden Moomin Magnet

Roald Dahl Esio Trot Mug

Roald Dahl Esio Trot Mug

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Website Improvements

October 28th, 2014

You should be finding our website even easier to use then every before!


We have made a few changes to our website to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, as we know we have lots and lots of wholesale gifts to search through which can often be very time consuming.


You can now down your search by searching through a particular ‘collection‘ (see below). This enables you to search through any of our licenses or own designed collections.


new menu 1 star editions


You will also see a section to search by ‘Product Type’ (see below). This enables you to search by any of our wholesale products. This is likely to come in very useful, as not every product is available in every collection. You may just be looking for mugs, so by using this tool you are now able to search for the product you are interested in (and to narrow it down even further, search the collection you are interested in at the same time).


new menu 2 star editions


You are still able to enter your own search term, however, you can search within particular collections or product types. For example, below we have searched for ‘Yorkshire’ in ‘Greetings Cards’ and have been given 86 results.


new menu 3 star editions

We hope you like these new changes, and you find the ordering process quick and easy!




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National Museum of the Royal Navy

August 15th, 2014

We have another new and exciting license to add to our collection at Star Editions Ltd.

We have recently started working with the NMRN, and have a beautiful collection of vintage posters from their archives available to print on all of our usual gift products. The majority of the posters are wartime posters, from the first and second World War and encourage support and for people to be cautious about telling friends and family what they know.


NMRN0294 Magnet NMRN0059 Print NMRN0042 Mug NMRN0014 canvas

The collection is wonderful, and with the WW1 centenary being this year, it is selling really well already. Click here to see our full range of NMRN wholesale gifts.

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World War One Centenary Products

August 5th, 2014

At 11pm, On August 4th 1914, Britain declared war on Germany.

You will have seen a great deal of coverage on the First World War already this year, and this will continue throughout the next four years, as we remember all that happened from 1914 – 1918


Star Editions Ltd launched a wonderful Imperial War Museums collection of gift products earlier this year, to coincide with the centenary. We have a beautiful selection of old war posters from both WW1 and WW2. The posters were originally used in the war to encourage men to sign up, and to encourage people to support the war effort. These propaganda posters are becoming hugely popular this year, and their popularity will continue to grow as the centenary gains more media coverage.

Each image we have is available in all our products, from a poster, mug or magnet, to a mounted and framed giclee art print or stretched canvas. We have a product to fit every type of shop and every budget.



Just click here to see the whole collection. If you’re not already registered on our website,click here to register and you will be able to place an order immediately.

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Moomin Summer Madness!

July 23rd, 2014


Moomin Summer Madness!

There’s a lot to look forward to over the next few weeks for Moomin fans, as Tove Jansson’s 100th birthday is approaching Fast. The Moomin author and illustrator was born in Helskini on August 9th 1914.



The Moomins first came into existence in 1945, when Tove published the first Moomin book, ‘The Moomins and the Great Flood’. The books have since been translated into 40 different languages and have been adapted for TV, Film, Opera and Radio.


The Moomin comic strip ran for 20 years in 120 different newspapers, reaching approximately 20 million readers a day!


The Moomins are still hugely popular, with Moomin merchandise being snapped by consumers up and down the UK every day.


Many of our customers have already started buying in our Moomin products, with fantastic results! It is now one of our top three product ranges!


If you haven’t tried the products out in your shop yet, now is the time to, as Moomin will be receiving a huge amount of publicity over the next few weeks, especially with the ‘Moomin Summer Madness‘ event taking place in Covent Garden on August 9th and 10th, and many other events taking place world-wide throughout the year! Why not join in with the Moomin madness and hold your own event?


In our Moomin collection we have 11 x 14 prints, postcards, tea towels, magnets, canvases and postcard packs. We also offer a range of Moomin merchandising solutions!


Place your order online by clicking here.


Moomin wishes,


Star Editions Ltd 

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July is an exciting month for Star Editions!

July 8th, 2014

We have not one, not two, but three new product ranges up on our website for you to start selling!

This month we launch our new Silverstone range, as well as the beautiful Peter Spells collection and our brand new Magnetic Greeting Cards!


Peter Spells


Peter Spells is an artist, painter and illustrator working and living in Brighton. As you will see from looking through his work, we are extremely lucky to have Peter working for us.


He has produced a beautifully vibrant range of modern travel posters as well as a collection of sports images (you can see the lovely Tour De France one above!)


The range, as usual, is available on a huge collection of products. Click here to see the full range.




We now have a wonderfully nostalgic collection of Silverstone programmes. They are all available on a range of gift products, from art prints and greeting cards, to tote bags and mugs.


The range is perfect for any racing fan, we have been so excited to tell you about it! See the whole collection here.


Magnetic Greeting Cards


This is a brand new product for Star Editions! Our ‘creative folk’ have designed and developed a brand new range of greeting cards.


Each card has a magnet on the front which can be taken off. Magnetic greeting cards are available in our Right Royal Address, Old Soul, Alice in Wonderland, Fine Art, I Heart, Type Face, and Plain and Simple collections on selected designs, as well as our brand new Fridge range!


Alternatively you can click here to see the full collection.



We hope you love these new additions as much as we do!


It’s now easier than ever to order with us online. Get started by

registering here.


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Miffy Turns 59…

June 20th, 2014

Miffy was created by Dick Bruna in 1955, when telling his young son a story about a little rabbit they had seen on a rainy holiday, playing in the dunes…



She has since lived a very exciting 59 years! Miffy has visited the zoo, learnt how to ride a bike, made friends at school, and more recently- turned her hand to art in ‘Miffy the Artist’!

This year we have seen the release of some new ‘Thoroughly Modern Miffy’ books. Award-winning poet, Tony Mitton, has been revamping some Miffy classics to appeal more to a modern British audience. So far ‘Miffy at the Gallery’ and ‘Miffy at the Zoo’ have been released, with more titles to come throughout the year.

The Miffy books have sold over 85 million copies worldwide, and the brand is said to be worth £150 million! A lot of this revenue comes from merchandise, which is where we come in!

We are extremely pleased to be a licensed manufacturer and wholesaler of Miffy merchandise! We recently launched a whole range of ridiculously cute Miffy products! We have mini posters, postcards, postcard packs, A6 magnetic notepads, magnets, tote bags and tea towels!

Have a look at our range of wholesale gift products here.

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