New Animaru range!

September 28th, 2012

Wholesale Animaru products

If you’ve had a look on our website lately you will see that we have a lot of new products on offer. One of our new ranges is the ultra cute Animaru range, and has already been a great success in the short time it has been available on the site. This is possibly our most versatile range yet, with a load of different animals featured including various dog and cat breeds as well other animals such as giraffes and elephants!

Versatile gift

The Animaru range is very versatile when it comes to gifts because you can choose a friend or family member’s favourite animal and have this on everything from a greeting card to an ipad cover! They also make perfect gifts for children with their cute and bright coloured design. These age inspired greeting cards are sure to be a popular choice!

Cute decor

These Animaru images don’t just make great gifts, they also make the perfect decor for a child’s bedroom or nursery. With a selection of images based on either a pink of blue background, these products can help you create the perfect bedroom for a little princess or prince!

To view our Animaru range, please click here, if you have any questions at all please contact us on 01449 721304

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Down at Fraggle Rock

September 18th, 2012

Dance your cares away!

wholesale fraggle rock
As you may have noticed, we now have a fantastic range of official licensed Fraggle Rock products! Being massive fans of The Jim Henson Company, we were so excited to be working on these products, and have created a great selection of products that are sure to be popular amongst 80’s kids! We have included the most memorable characters and phrases in our range, and have designed them to a fantastic quality to ensure the best product could be created. For those of you who aren’t too familiar with Fraggle Rock, let us enlighten you!

Worries for another day!

Fraggle Rock was a children’s show which ran from 1983 to 1987 created by Jim Henson, and used live action puppets to portray the world of the Fraggles. Fraggles are 18 inch tall humanoid creatures that live in Fraggle Rock. There are five main fraggles in the series, these are:

gobo fraggle
– Gobo: The leader of the pack, he is level-headed and practical and controls most situations.
red fraggle
– Red: Enthusiastic and athletic, and the best swimmer at Fraggle Rock.
mokey fraggle
– Mokey: Highly spiritual and artistic, the optimist of the group.

wembley fraggle
– Wembley: Nervous and indecisive, often plays the bongo drums.

boober fraggle
– Boober: Often depressed and worried, the most talented cook and does everyone’s laundry.

Let the music play!

As you can probably guess due to the varied characters, the whole design process was a lot of fun and our design team have created some wonderful pieces. With everything from iPad covers to postcards, we are bound to have a perfect gift for a Fraggle Rock fanatic!

fraggle rock cardfraggle rock keyring

To see our full Fraggle Rock range click here, also, feel free to vote below for your favourite Fraggle!

Who is your favourite Fraggle?

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